Mitigating and Recovery Neighborhood Links and Resources

Mitigating and Recovery Neighborhood Links and Resources

This section is designed to advance our core values related to the moving parts of what and how stakeholders can infuse bottom up management  to government, elected officials, universities, private sector and investors.  Community Participatory Research is a more realistic approach for the challenges facing government and citizens in the 21st century.  This and similar strategies can produce a functional comprehensive planning system, with an outcome that improves tax based service delivery.

Beyond the Basics | Types of Mitigation Actions
The primary types of mitigation actions to reduce long-term vulnerability are: … practice because its plan strongly links mitigation actions to existing community plans, … and losses and also preserve or restore the functions of natural systems.
Have Distressed Neighborhoods Recovered? Evidence from the …

Mar 4, 2015 – Program (NSP) was established to help mitigate distress in hard-hit …. distressed neighborhoods, none except NSP have occurred during a … [PDF]

Building Successful Neighborhoods – Urban Institute

by PA Tatian – ‎2012 – ‎Cited by 20 – ‎Related articles

improvement in distressed areas where poverty rates are somewhat less severe and local …… and physical conditions, with a focus on mitigating the problem of …
Feb 10, 2016 – The federal Choice Neighborhoods Initiative provides grants for the redevelopment of poor quality federally-subsidized housing in distressed …
Revitalization without Gentrification – Kirwan Institute – The Ohio State …
Jul 28, 2004 – distressed community into an exclusive upper income community and does …. Neighborhood monitoring also requires planning for mitigating …

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