Houston Advocacy In Action: Gang Injunction Evolution and Discussion

Advocacy in the eyes of the general public invokes different reactions some good or not so good.  Small service providers, grassroots, organizations, community-based organizations, and individual causes are very valuable ingredients in seeding the universe of accountability.  Charity Productions’ service role in the universe of the marginalized also invokes mixed reactions due to our multiple platforms of service delivery.  The gang injunction was one of those multiple platforms that we served as the base for additional and diverse grassroots groups to come together and together produce a win for people without a voice.  From time to time we will add to the list of benchmark moments and contributions aimed at highlighting small victories that matters in the world of marginalizing people that otherwise would be victimized by neglect.  This effort took hundreds of hours by several groups. However, February 17, 2016, Community Partnership Exchange Breakfast, the north side is credited with sparking and structuring aspects of this joint effort by so many.

Advocacy a timeline of success plus:

Suspected gang members unfairly targeted in Southlawn lawsuit …

Feb 18, 2016 Former gang interventionist Charles X. White said the “discriminatory injunction on black men” was done in “secrecy” and announced a public hearing called by community members and activists at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 25 at South Union Church of Christ. He said he intends to invite Harris County Attorney …

Proposed Southlawn gang injunction protested at meeting – Houston …” . Thursday’s meeting was organized by activist Charles X. White, a former gang interventionist, and was moderated by former Houston city councilman Jew Don Boney to … White said a task force of citizens opposed to the premise and practice of imposing gang injunctions will be appealing to Harris County

Judge urges more secrecy

Foes slam lack of input on gang injunction plan

Feb 26, 2017… Thursday’s meeting was organized by activist Charles X. White, a former gang interventionist, and was moderated by former Houston city councilman Jew Don Boney to shed light on the plan and show that “the community” does not support the injunction – despite county officials’ declarations and court filings.

Sending his message to Anderson, Ryan and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, White said: “We are law-abiding citizens. We respect the law. We respect your office, but obviously you don’t respect us.”

“You had this damn injunction, and you didn’t even come to the community and explain it,” he said.

White contended the authorities “are inciting a problem. It is not a gang problem, as you are trying to frame it. It is a policing problem.”

March 2016 The civil injunction petition, entered into the court record in September by Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson and Harris County Attorney Vince … The county, under protective order, must release information to the defense about the Houston Police Department’s gang tracker, which helped …

ACLU Gang Injunction 2

County Dismisses Controversial Gang Injunction That Physically…

Jun 7, 2016 The Harris County District Attorney’s Office and County Attorney’s Office have dropped the gang injunction that would have banned 46 black men from… … However, the ACLU and attorneys gathered nearly a thousand signatures from Southlawn residents who said that, actually, this was not something they …

Defense attorneys say district attorney’s proposed ‘safety zone…

Oct 3, 2016 Based on the results of “gang injunctions” in other cities nationwide, some Chattanooga defense attorneys want more time to study a similar proposal here that pits people’s … Fearing similar problems in Houston, Sparks rounded up a six-person team to fight the proposed injunction in Harris County.

Harris County dials back ‘Southlawn Safety Zone’ – Houston

Apr 26, 2016 The suit – which sought the largest potential gang injunction in Harris County history – combined the state’s organized crime and public nuisance laws to … that included lawyers for the remaining defendants, the county and district attorney’s offices, and leaders of the civil rights organization’s local branch.

County drops Southlawn ‘safety zone’ as a crime-fighting effort …

Professor Michelle Alexander click for video

Now and then a book comes along that might in time touch the public and educate social commentators, policy makers, and politicians about a glaring wrong that we have been living with that we also somehow don’t know how to face. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander is such a work”
The New York Review of Books

“An explosive debut … alarming, provocative and convincing.”
Kirkus Reviews

Photos below, Charles and former councilmember Jew Don Boney addresses more than  100 community members that attended public hearing on gang injunction.