Living with Water

Living with Water

Living with Water report I January 12, 2018

Living with Water II  January 13, 2018

Photos are from four different events Living with Water 1, South Park Baptist Church January 12, 2018, Living with Water 2, January 13, 2018, Mt Canaan Baptist Church, Service Providers Breakfast, and Service Providers Reception and Planning Meeting. Featured are Professor Jim Blackburn with, Rice University, Councilmember at Large Michael Kubosh and Tracy Stephens, Sunny Side Civic Club President.  The original intent of the series was to provide context information on flooding and to hear from the community.   At the second community meeting, it was clear that people needed help.  On February 22, 2018, Charity Productions Community Partnership Exchange Breakfast invited providers from the list of the agencies that received funding from the 110 million dollars the city and county government distributed from Harvey Relief.

Our plans include another invitation to other providers to participate in the creation of an improved outreach system that will consist of neighborhood distributions sites with a three-tier service designation.  Coming Events: April, invitation to providers, April 28, a public meeting on Mitigation, location TSU, May 3, the South Side Community Partnership Exchange Breakfast (the largest of its kind in Texas, May 12, the 19th Annual All Hazard Field Exercise,  We will provide updates periodically.

Above photos are from January 12, 2018, with Water I.

The above photo is from the February 22, 2018, north side breakfast and the images below are from January 13, 2018, Living with Water II.

Singal photo with reception and focus discussion on new and improved networking and service delivery.


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